Coping with the Courtroom

Coping with the Courtroom: Essential Information and Tips for SRLs” is written by Hannah Bahmanpour (research assistant) and Julie Macfarlane, and reviewed for us in draft by numerous SRLs, lawyers and judges, this primer on appearing in court has been developed directly from what we have learned from SRLs, and responds to what they tell us they need.

Coping with the Courtroom includes a section on self-care tips; a section on preparing for court; a section on appearing in court (generic and not specific for any one jurisdiction, family or civil courts); and finally a collection of ten top practical tips from SRLs on “what works” (for example, “keep your emotions out of it.”).

Coping with the Courtroom includes both procedural information and advice (on numerous topics including organizing documents, calling witnesses, conducting cross-examination), and cultural know-how (including advice on what to wear – which will hopefully satisfy the judge who told one SRL “Don’t bother coming back to court tomorrow if you’re not wearing a tie.”

Please feel free to share this resource widely. We encourage organizations working with SRLs to consider linking it to their websites. We shall continue to develop further resources throughout the coming year that reflect what we hear from SRLs.


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